If you’re like me—and too many people are these days—you fell in love with the instant gratification the Web provided: anything in the world you wanted, literally at your fingertips!

But then something happened, and you never even saw it coming. The more of yourself you gave to the Internet, the less you retained for you. Somehow, the Web stole something priceless from you—not just your time, which is bad enough. But it also sapped your sense of who you are.

A virtual life isn’t a real life. But more and more, you’ve given up real friends for Twitter friends. You’ve forgone heart to hearts for iChats. You’ve started thinking of true fulfillment as yet another “Like” on Facebook.

If this sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place. My story is your story.

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Beth Arnold – Author and Entrepreneur

A JOURNALIST AND award-winning writer who for a decade (2002-2012) made her home in France, Beth Arnold has written for such print venues as Rolling Stone, GQ, InStyle, Self, American Way, Premiere, and Mirabella. Online, besides her regular blogging for The Huffington Post and for (where she published her acclaimed “Letter From Paris”-branded column and podcasts), she has also written for,, and Marco Polo Quarterly, among others. Her prime journalistic topics are travel, politics, culture, and people.